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“I started out in early recovery going to Alyssa’s Place early in recovery taking part in meetings and different activities that they had including, fishing, hiking, and movie nights. The center became a huge part of my recovery. I am now a Peer Recovery Support with Alyssa’s Place. I am able to work with others in recovery as I work along my journey also."

Frank Lombardo

Recovery Support Assistant

“Alyssa's Place has done a lot for me since moving into the area. It has given me a place to go to meet good sober people and help build myself a sober network of friends to rely on. Also, it has given me a place to go to do homework. This is especially helpful as a new student because there is always someone there to bounce ideas off of for my assignments and help guide me if needed. Meetings being held are always ideal as well! I always look forward to the meetings at Alyssa's because they are a lot more personal than most which is fantastic!”

Dennis Lombardi 



"My name is Skip, aka Arthur McDonald, however, I go by Skip. 

I found about Alissa’s place when I lived across the street at the Veteran’s Outreach. One of my roommates moved upstairs to the sober studio apartments, then my best friend and roommate Scott moved upstairs. I ended up moving upstairs myself. 


As I had already been in long-term recovery, so hanging with, becoming a member and getting involved in extra-activities, meeting more of those in sobriety was a large part of my continuing and maintain my recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. 


At this time, I was currently going to Mount Wachusett Community College majoring in Substance Abuse and Human Services. I was blessed to be able to do my internship for my Associates in Human Services. 


Thus, then and continuing on I am an active member, driver, and am privileged to be on the Development Community. I have gone fishing, been to the corn maze, at which I didn’t think I would have a great time, but had a blast. I partake in game night, movie night, and other numerous clean and sober activities. That are such an important part of my maintaining my recovery. 


One last thing, I am sure I have not gone over all that have me staying as an active member, but I partook in the lighting of candles remembering those that meant so much to us that we lost through overdoses due to the disease of addiction. Thank You Alyssa’s Place!"

Skip McDonald


“Alyssa’s Place helps me stay sane in tough times. It’s my oasis of sobriety!”

David "DJ" Bradford



“My experience as a member of Alyssa’s Place has been, and I believe will continue to be positive. Staff have always been available, friendly and inclusive. Assisting with recovery, employment, recreational activities, and meetings. Staff at Alyssa’s Place have been a vital part of my recovery process in building relationships and feeling part of a community. Outings are always enjoyable, and sometimes an adventure – but always fun!! Movie night and cooking activities have been great. Game night is fun and a great opportunity to get to know others in the Alyssa’s Place community.”

Corey M


“Within a few days of relocating to Gardner in early February I was introduced to Alyssa’s Place. From the moment I walked in the door I realized this was a place for me. All of the staff made me feel welcome and at home. I became a daily visitor, most days more than once. I go not only for the recovery meetings but for other activities as well. I have become a member and serve on the advisory board, attend community meetings, got involved in the their community garden, and attend other groups and functions. I was asked if I would like to receive training to become a facilitator, which I did. And I now facilitate a meeting once a week. I feel that Alyssa’s Place has become an important part in my journey to recovery. The staff is helpful and knowledgeable, and they have become a huge part of my daily life and routine.”

David S

Peer Leader / Member


“Alyssa’s Place has been very instrumental regarding my recovery. From the staff support I have received, the meetings they have, and extra activities which they coordinate for their members. The staff is very friendly and caring and they do an excellent job. I am extremely fortunate to be a part of it, as well as live directly above it.”

David V


“Alyssa’s Place is the first place that welcomed me back to one of my communities and have continued to make me feel welcome every step of the way. They have been open to all sorts of recovery models and activities to complement individuals in recovery. It is a fine way to express the struggles of recovery and to take action and be proactive in staying healthy. Everyone is accounted for and help is provided. I am glad I started my reintegration to healthy living in the community under the support of Alyssa’s Place."

Caitlin M


"Recovery is the toughest journey I've had to endure in my life so far. It's scary, raw, emotional, and often leaves an unsettling feeling filled with anxiety throughout the day which unfortunately can often lead to relapses.

I had applied for a recovery coach through Alyssa's place hopeful that signing up for some support would help my isolated lifestyle of binge drinking at home, and what I got was so much more. Although it was a lot of texting, and FaceTime with my recovery coach, we became great friends without even meeting due to social distancing. I could call her for anything. With her, and Alyssa's place came the zoom meetings they offered daily and an additional network of some of the most amazing people I have found support though while still "social distancing" from the world. They have become people I go to for advice, support, guidance, and general help when I feel like I'm on the verge of screwing up. This support center and the people in it through this pandemic has absolutely been life changing.

I look forward to the relationships and support I will continue he together from the center, the people in it and my recovery coach. I hope as phases continue to be lifted to become more involved in the center itself. I do know that the gratitude I feel and the difference they were able to make truly is something I couldn't have more gratitude for."

Kassi R


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